| WPF (Kinect) - Virtual Fitting Room for National Costume



Introduction: Our ancestor created wonderful costume culture with profound national culture connotation, which is a part of national culture. The target population of Virtual Fitting Room for National Costume are these users who are interested in the national costume and hope to experience try-on . Users can stand before the sensor and manipulate program with hands as a remote control to choose suitable costume for try-on. Moreover, users can save the pictures and evaluate them.

Features: 1. The program can provide costumes, such as Tibet, Korean, Dai, Mongol, Miao, Uyghur, Yi and Zhuang for men and women to try on. 2. The costume can be adjusted according to users’ need to zoom and move properly, in order to ensure a suitable size on users. 3. Users can evaluate on the costumes they tried on in the program for good or bad. 4. Users can take a photo or screenshot for their figures in tried costumes. Pictures will be save in the program, and user can move them as they like.



The program introduced motion sensing technology based on Kinect, in order to increase experience effect and function of fitting room. Developer need to study development concept and method of NUI, and process motion sensing data in the development. One of the difficult points in the program is to process and construct original data logically for better interaction.  

合作者:朱仕杰(负责界面设计和动画效果设计) 我负责前端界面搭建、动画效果制作和后台代码编写。  

Co-worker: Jackie Zhu (UI Design and Animation Design) I am responsible for UI Construction, Animation Production and Back-end Coding.  

Demo | on Youtube


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