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Introduction: Starwar in AR is the coolest thing you can imagine nowadays. Wear your headset and try not to be killed by aliens! Game combined with improvisational acting is awesome!

Platform: Microsoft Hololens | Role: Programmer, Game Designer



First Version: Before the interim, the game is controlled by hand gesture. Guests should select the enemy aircraft themselves and fire at them.

Challenge: By now, HoloLens is not so good at hand gesture control. Guests felt unsatisfied when the game missed a command.

Second Version: We added remote control to the game. While guests are playing the game, one of the crew member is adjusting the game remotely to ensure user experience.




Producer/Sound Design: Cody Fraser

Programmers: Yonglin Zhang, Nick Guan

Artists: Vaishnavi Yathirajam, Jehan Sandhu