| VR RTS: Dragonfall


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Introduction: Have you tried Real-time strategy game in VR world? Here is the chance, guardian! Use your magic circle to direct the battle and defeat the evil dragon! The game is challenging, but you can try multiple times. We will rank your time spent and reward the winner!


Platform: Oculus Rift, PS MOVE | Role: Game Designer, Programmer



First Version: In the first version of the game, guests were controlling a magic circle to absorb their soldiers in order to occupy enemy islands.

Challenge: Guests find it boring to watch soldiers fighting. After putting warriors on the island, they have nothing to do except for watching.

Second Version: We introduced an evil dragon to the game world. Players should watch out and protect their soldiers from dragon’s fireballs during the whole game process.

Challenge: Guests are having fun protecting their soldiers but sometimes they feel it hard to judge distance in VR world, so they cannot block them correctly.

Third Version: We let guests absorb fireballs instead, so the distance problem won’t bother.

Challenge: Some guests feel hard to reach the furthest island. Some of them are not familiar with RTS and are feeling confused.  

Final Version: We rearranged islands from line-style to circle-style and made a video tutorial for naïve guests.







Zhi Ai, Roxy Wang, Siyuan Hu, Nick Guan, Carl Zhang